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Need healthy habits? Let us help you start!

Start your new healthy habits off right! We offer our Prescribe the 'Y' program for those who are seeking exercise as a preventative health tool. If you or your doctor have considered adding exercise to your health program then Prescribe the 'Y' may be for you!


Prescribe the 'Y' is a membership program for new YMCA members. It offers one month of membership for just $20 to get you started making healthy habits. The membership includes group exercise programs and a free wellness evaluation with equipment training from our experienced Duffy Wellness Center staff. Your doctor will prescribe you a number of days per week to come exercise and we will help you coordinate those days with your busy schedule!


If during the first month of membership you stick to your prescribed workout routine then you will be eligible for a $30 credit towards your next month of membership!


To get started with the program please have your doctor fill out our Prescribe the 'Y' prescription form. After you have the form filled out please stop by the Y to get your membership started up!